Why us


Our undoubted asset is over 20 years of expertise in refrigerated trucking to european countries, as well as to Middle East (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), Asia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, Uzbekistan). Practical experience we gained during this time enables us to plan a trip route precisely and optimally, so we can deliver entrusted loads to their destination safely and on time.


Long-term cooperation with market’s leading corporations enabled us providing services which meet our clients’ highest demands. Trust, which our clients put in us by employing us to transport their loads, motivates us for further improvement of the quality of our services.


Trucking to Middle East, as well as Asia demand particular responsibility and careful attitude to security matters. GPS monitoring, as well as GSM connection are only ones of many security ensuring methods that we use. We place particular emphasis on drivers’ training and preparation, on introducing them to customs accepted in particular countries and mapping out optimal routes which will lead them safely to their destinations.